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Riding/deflation inflatable Pink Skunk pt.2
613 Views · 8 days ago

heres the second part of my inflatable ride with the pink skunk!
I had alot of fun with the deflation and the new camer angel from underneth the butt/belly!
soon i will make a adorable harness for this skunk!

contact me through these socials if you want to give me inflatable video ideas or just chat!


Thanks for watching!

Riding Inflatable Pink Skunk pt.1
934 Views · 24 days ago

Long since i uploaded anything! so here you got me riding a adorable soft pink skunk, More vidoes will deffinetly be made with this cute one,

The reason why i havent uploaded anything latley is becuse its getting colder so i dont know what to record outside, So if you have any suggestions or requests, then please feel free to comment bellow or contact me or text me on any of my socials bellow!

Telegram: Amoux87

We are supper close to 400 followers!? so give suggestion what i should do for 400 followers special video <3

thank for all of your support <3

Rough Riding PP Wolf
1,224 Views · 2 months ago

Testing my new camera for recording videos!
I am still experimenting with it and theres ton of more stuff to come now!
intressted in commissioning mr ot just talking
contact me here-

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IW gryphon folding guide!
573 Views · 4 months ago

Heres a small video guide i made showing how to fold a iw gryphon! If you want to see more stuff like these and how to fold other inflatables then plz let me know in The Comments!

PuffyPaws Wolf riding/deflation part 2,
850 Views · 5 months ago

Heres the second part of my other inflatable Wolf riding video i posted before this one! I got alot more content to post these coming days!
If you intressted in supporting or just talking or have any question, contact me here!

Thanks for your support! ❤

PP Wolf Riding and Deflation
1,068 Views · 5 months ago

Riding my newest toy thats in my collection, i made the muzzle harness for this Wolf and it fits well while riding and good for holding on too, cant wait to make more lovely content with this inflatable,
If intressted in my harnesses or any question plz contact me on these follow medias.

Or here!

Thanks for watching!

Taming The fyaryuu
1,186 Views · 5 months ago

Riding my fyaryuu with my new harness i made for it!
Its a full muzzle set and a body harness.
I thought i woud sell these for The fyaryuu and other inflatables as well so contact me If intressted!

Telegram :Amoux87

I hope you liked my content and follow for more!

Riding a Zenith in the Forest!
1,334 Views · 6 months ago

⁣Riding my Zenith on a small cute island i found, this is my first time bringing it outside! And i plan to do so alot more! soon i will be making a videos when riding them in the water ;3 or popping them in the water while riding them and letting them sink.

If you like my work and want to support me then plz like and follow and give me a comment what you want to see more of and give me ideas!

Discord: Amoux#8495
telegram: Amoux87

Thanks <3

Inflating my reinforced fyaryuu (SELLING)
794 Views · 8 months ago

a small short video of my lastest projekt i have finished! this fyaryuu is brand new out of the box and was internally reinforced by me on all seams of the main chamber of body and some places doubble reinfoced for extra strenghts! and its currently looking for it first new owner! if intressted or more question contact me on discord: Amoux#8495
Telegram: Amoux87
or contact me on here in dms!

Dragon crush!
2,550 Views · 1 year ago

i rided my big fyaryuu on my friend snowieinfla! i really liked this video and like to do more stuff!

Fyaryuu Ride with fursuit(Read Desc)
1,055 Views · 1 year ago

Another ride with my red reinforced dragon! its so squishy and playful!

Also thanks for 100 followers!!!!
I will make a 100 follower special and you guys will decide in the comments or in my Dms what special video i should make for yall! Anything from popping and overinflating to riding it when its inflating or deflating! Thank you so much!<3

buckle horse ride and deflation
1,050 Views · 1 year ago

riding my new buckle horse i got in birthday from my parents, i rided it with my fursuit and then deflated it with a wooossh

Fyaryuu hump deflating
1,088 Views · 1 year ago

rided my fyaryuu hard while it was deflating, i have made 4 more videos that will soon be published.
this reinforced fyaryuu is reinforced by me

riding fyaryuu with fursuit
1,147 Views · 1 year ago

riding my reinforced fyaryuu that i reinforced my self recently and have plans to sell it, so dm if your intrested, stay squeaky cuties <3

deflating my fyaryuu
1,031 Views · 1 year ago

gentle deflation of my new white fya, i will uplaod more inflatable content soon! leave ideas in the comments bellow or dm!

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