InflateVids is temporarily offline

Due to a hack on Monday December 11th 2023, InflateVids is now temporarily offline whilst we work on a new website for you to enjoy. All previous systems are offline, and will eventually be replaced with new ones.

What happened?

We aren't sure yet.

There is no indication that the attacker got access to the server itself, instead just the instance of the website. Sadly that was enough to pull the database, get access to the storage access key, and delete all the files.

The attacker themselves is fairly well known for database breaches, and at the moment it seems like we had bad luck and randomly got selected as a target. There is currently no evidence to suggest this was requested or commissioned. Most likely it was just for reputation.

More info can be found in our Patreon post .

As a previous user, anything I need to do?

For everybody: if you used your password on InflateVids for anything else, change these passwords and please use a password manager to generate unique passwords for each site. Please stay vigilant for phishing attacks via email, like you always should.

For patrons: we are planning to pause the billing cycle until the new website goes online. This means you won't be billed for your patronage until the billing cycle is resumed. We'll keep you posted through our Patreon.

What's lost?

The attacker itself decided to delete all of our video and thumbnail files. Sadly this can't be restored, and we didn't keep an active backup of these files.

At the moment it seems like we can restore videos up to November 27th 2023. We are still figuring out a way for people to be able to download their videos or transfer them onto the new website.

What happened to verification submissions?

When an image was submitted for verification, we deleted these after verification was handled. This means that if we accepted or denied a verification request, your image was immediately deleted after this.

There is currently also no evidence the attacker saved files, instead choosing to just delete them.

How about the Patreon connection?

If you connected your Patreon account to InflateVids, there is no need to worry. This connection can not be used to access your Patreon account anymore, since the keys we used to communicate with Patreon have been deleted.

What's next?

The plans might still change, but this is what we are currently planning:

We aren't relaunching the previous version of InflateVids. Due to it being an off the shelf package, there simply was no oversight on what systems did, and evidently it just wasn't sufficiently secure, had many UI bugs, was slow and was generally disorganized. Current plan is a web application that's been in semi-active development for the past couple months. It's been built from the ground up, and thus we'll be more knowledgeable about the codebase and have more control over safety and following modern standards.

It'll also (hopefully) allow us to develop more features focused on this specific community!

When is InflateVids back online?

No clue. At the moment it is looking like a couple months until we are back online. We'll keep you updated on this website, Bluesky and Patreon.

What's happening to improve security?

We are looking at inviting people to review the website's code (or go fully open source), building the website on more modern programming languages and systems, seperating more systems and of course taking backups.

Currently nothing is set in stone, we'll update when we know more.